Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Day 2 Progress: 71% of Overall Target Achieved

Assalaamu 'Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaathuh

Jazakumullahu Khair for all the contributions. We have now reached 71% of the overall target. This includes funding for 187 copies of the Qur'an Translations and 127 copies of Seerah. We only have a couple of more days to achieve the target so don't loose this opportunity. We are now looking into neighbouring cities as well so we are not limited by Cambridgeshire libraries.

Here is the list of donors for Day 2. May Allah reward them immensely.

£45 - Sister (Saffron Walden, UK)  - "This is an excellent idea Mashaallah. Inshallah will send a Cheque to MEOC"

£80 - Brother (London, UK) - "20 Qurans"

£150 - Brother (Cambridge, UK) - "I have donated £150 to the QSL project via PayPal. In sha Allah may this be sadaqah jariyah for me and you."

£360 - Brother (Colchester, UK)

£15 - Brother (London, UK) - "May Allaah make this small donation a seed for much good, bi idhnillaah."

£15 - Brother (Cambridge, UK)

£15 - Brother (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
- "May Allah reward your efforts!"

£150 - Sister (London, UK)
- "May Allah shower His blessings on this project and through it, continue to guide people to the right path and open their hearts to the beauty of this deen.  I wish you all a very blessed Ramadan and Eid and pray for your success in raising the remaining funds. Ameen. Barakallah hu feekum"

£15 - Brother (Leicester, UK)
- "May Allah reward you for your efforts."

£50 - Family (Cambridge, UK)

£30 - Sister (Cambridge, UK) - "Fantastic effort."

£45 - Sister (New York, USA)
- "I live in New York, USA. I somehow got on your mailing list, which I thank Allah SWT for, since it gave me this opportunity to participate in such a great initiative. May Allah SWT accept your deeds and ours. I have donated 3 sets to the project through credit card payment on paypal."

£150 - Sister (Cambridge, UK)
-  "Jazakallah"

£15 - Brother (London, UK)
£15 - Sister (Cambridge, UK)
£45 - Sister (London, UK)
£30 - Sister (Cambridge, UK) - "As-salamu alaykum - just to let you know that I have sent £30 for two sets by bank transfer. It's a great idea, mashAllah."

£15 - Brother (Cambridge, UK)
- "A small contribution to a big project! £15 for 1 Qur’an and Seera."

£75 - Brother (Cambridge, UK)

£30 - Brother (Cambridge, UK) - "This is a brilliant idea. It is amazing how effective this can be InshaAllah. You should take this to other cities as well."

£15 - Brother (Cambridge, UK) 
This is your opportunity to contribute. We only have two or three more days to go. So act now by clicking on this link.


Jazakumullahu Khair

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