Thursday, 9 September 2010

Statement of Support - Imam Sejad Mekic

Assalaamu 'Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaathuh

I am sure that all of you are eagerly waiting for an update. MashaAllah the response has bee phenomenal and I will send a detailed update soon, InshaAllah. In the meantime I would like to share an important and encouraging message with you from Imam Sejad Mekic.

"The Quran and Seerah for Libraries (QSL) Project is a much needed initiative for the communities living in the West. I personally know the brothers and sisters who initiated this Project and I must say that they are doing a wonderful job on behalf of the whole community. With all honesty I pray and hope that this initiative becomes a real success and would love to see it being implemented in other cities across the UK and wider.
I would also like to use this opportunity to encourage every Muslim brother and sister, young and old, to support this noble project to the fullest extent for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of the community. Remember that this deed of yours will be considered as sadaqa jariyah (a continuous charity).
May Allah the Almighty bless this project and through it show the light of Islam to millions of people who are in search of enlightenment. Amin."
- Imam Sejad Mekic,
  The Khatib of Cambridge Mosque and Islamic Centre

May Allah the Almighty reward Imam Sejad for these encouraging words. You will be pleased to know that we are working through the Cambridgeshire Libraries to expand to the neighbouring county and city public libraries. These include counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Lincolnshire which basically cover the East of England Region which works out to an additional 200 - 300 public libraries. Now it should be called "East of England QSL Challenge" :-)

As you can see the possibilities endless. So if you are not already part of this project then it is time to join. This is a unique opportunity creating an immense benefit both for you and for the community. Please act now, visit:

Thank you and Jazakumullahu Khair


NB: The progress of the project would be announced at regular intervals at the blog. So please subscribe to the feeds to keep you updated of exactly how your contributions are being used. Please subscribe at:

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