The Benefit

Benefit to the Community

According to a recent YouGov survey in the UK of non-Muslims

  • 60% say they don’t know very much about Islam
  • 57% obtain most of their information about Islam from the TV news and 41% obtain their information about Islam from newspapers
  • 58% associate Islam with extremism and 50% associate Islam with terrorism

We hope that promotion a good Qur'an translation and a Seerah would help to better educate the general public about Islam, Muslims and Prophet Muhammad.

Benefit to You

This is a clear example of a Sadaqa Jariyah - Continuous Charity - where hundreds of thousands of people would be benefiting from reading the Quran and Seerah for generations to come. Each time people benefit from these you will be rewarded by Allah without you ever realising it. Imagine when people accept Islam through these - it will certainly create a chain reaction of rewards through the people who accept Islam, their families, their children, their grandchildren, friends and relatives they talk to etc, etc.

Could there be any better investment than this?